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Why do companies and brands need an audio branding strategy?

Auditory communication is relevant for nearly every company: from a greeting on the phone, to social media and promotional videos, to in-app UX sounds. All of these elements shape an overall acoustic image in the minds of clients and customers. With an audio branding concept, this image can be intentionally molded and strategically placed in the competition. Additionally, trademark protection can be expanded and, with consistent use, monetary brand value can be increased.

Audio branding can have an especially positive influence on the following:

  • Distinction
    With an individualized, characteristic brand sound, a brand can be favorably placed among the competition. Audio branding, based on the existing brand identity and with a tailored brand fit, ensures organic brand distinction in the market.

  • Emotionalization
    A brand sound creates a strong emotional connection to a brand. With the proper musical or sound background, messages can be communicated with the desired emotional effect.

  • Brand Recognition
    With consistent use of acoustic elements, a brand is able to subconsciously impress itself upon the customer’s mind. In the best case scenario, other brand elements can act as triggers for audio branding. An example of this would be Telecom. Simply the mention of this brand name makes one think of the audio-logo.

  • Trademark Protection

    Trademark protection can be expanded in a new direction with audio branding. National conditions and stipulations should be taken into consideration here- as noise, for example, cannot be registered under trademark law in every country.

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