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Why We Use Notion as Our Agency Software

As a creative agency, developing innovative solutions for our clients is our day-to-day business. Efficient organization, smooth collaboration, and seamless communication are crucial elements in our process. In this article, we’ll take a look at Notion- the platform that has proven to be a priceless tool for us. With its customizable structure and versatile functions, Notion has revolutionized the way we do our work.

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We organized our projects in the categories: “Not Started”, “In Progress”, and “Done”. Tasks and Milestones are assigned to staff members - this way we can centrally track and optimize work distribution.

Notion is much more than your conventional project management platform. It is a creative hub in which we can gather ideas, organize them, and implement them in reality. With its high performing functions, we are able to manage project ideas, client visions, and design concepts all in one central location.

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Notion aids us in personalizing our work environment so that our creativity can fully unfold. We can make our own vision boards, collect sources of inspiration, organize code snippets, and collect creative notes all in one place. This keeps our creative workflow organized and focused.

We are able to create customized databases within the platform to manage projects, resources, and tasks. This way we can, for example, set up a project database to keep track of progress, responsibilities, and important deadlines. We are also able to intentionally search for specific projects or related items by using customizable filters, and this way, keep a clear overview of our ongoing projects.

Notion gives us the freedom to adjust our workspaces and pages exactly to our needs. We are able to easily create new project dashboards and fill them with relevant information- whether that be code snippets, design outlines, client questions, or project timelines. The drag and drop function makes building and adjusting the sites a breeze, so that we can fully concentrate on our creative ideas.

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Notion enormously streamlines our team collaboration. We are able to work together on projects, discuss ideas, and share feedback easily. The comment function makes it possible for us to react to specific elements or sections, and supports our creative exchange. The clear permission settings ensure that sensitive client information is protected, while our team works together effectively.

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